Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So, a couple months ago I met a new friend. I had met up with another friend to drop into a Zumba class, and that's where we met our new friend. Since them, the 3 of us have weekly Zumba dates. Sometimes at the same place, sometimes we check out a new class. We like variety.
Well, I haven't met up with my girls for our Zumba dates in a couple of weeks. Between me taking over a class, and other things coming up, we've missed each other. Last night, I subbed one of the classes we've gone to before, so my new friend came along. It was so much fun to finally get her into one of my classes.
Before class, we were catching up on things and I asked her how things were going. This is where she relayed a story to me that left me speechless. She said she was at one of our usual classes, and after class the instructor/owner asked her and another woman to see her after class. Just so happen, both of these women were bigger girls. So, after class, these two, who had been singled out, were told that Zumba is fun and all, but if they really want to lose the flab, they need to do * insert her other classes here *
I could not believe that. I've written before about my disgust for the Cult of Skinny mentality that my industry has. This, though, I am just genuinely dumbfounded. To put it bluntly, I can not believe someone would have the balls to say something like that to another person. My friend also shared with me that she had just celebrated a 94lb weight loss. How fantastic is that!?!? Only to be slapped in the face with a thoughtless comment.
Now, don't get me wrong....I am all for helping people and giving advice. Anyone who COMES TO ME and asks for advice, I will freely give it. I might even say to a class full of people "I also offer *whatever* class, if you are looking to firm up, or just want to try something new".  NEVER would I pull someone aside and tell them if they want to be skinny, they need to do XYZ.

My friend was fuming, and said she will never go back to this place for any class. I can't say I blame her.

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