Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where have I been?

So much has happen in my life since last time I posted. Where do I even begin??

Maybe I'll start at March/April, when I had an interview with a National chain gym and got hired on the spot, and 2 days later my husband lost his job...
It's been months since this happen, and I have to say...still pretty angry about it. Mostly because of how it happen, and the fake friendships that came to light after the fact. Some people are just spineless.

But we soilder on, right.
We wet on our trip to San Francisco and I ran across my bridge again. I also managed to lose my ID in the process. The day before were were to fly home. Luckily, I had a passport card in my wallet, tucked safely away at the hotel, so they let me on the plane.
Right after that, my husband accepted a new job and was off on a new adventure. Across the country.
It's been a long Spring/Summer. He got to come home 5 weeks later to watch our son graduate high school, then he was off again for another 12 weeks. He came home the weekend we took our son to college, then off again. I went to visit him two weeks later, and now we are on the wait for Thanksgiving when he'll get to come home again (maybe). I have plans to go back out in Jan to run a race.

Meanwhile, I'm working away. I have 4 regular classes every week, but it's a rare week that I only teach 4 classes. I've become the go-to sub and have worked hard to build up my reputation. Last week, I taught 9 classes. This week, it's 6. In an 11 day period, I will have logged 15 classes.

My life seems to be lacking running lately, but I will get back on track. Fall is in the air and I have a few races on deck. Time to get back to it

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So, a couple months ago I met a new friend. I had met up with another friend to drop into a Zumba class, and that's where we met our new friend. Since them, the 3 of us have weekly Zumba dates. Sometimes at the same place, sometimes we check out a new class. We like variety.
Well, I haven't met up with my girls for our Zumba dates in a couple of weeks. Between me taking over a class, and other things coming up, we've missed each other. Last night, I subbed one of the classes we've gone to before, so my new friend came along. It was so much fun to finally get her into one of my classes.
Before class, we were catching up on things and I asked her how things were going. This is where she relayed a story to me that left me speechless. She said she was at one of our usual classes, and after class the instructor/owner asked her and another woman to see her after class. Just so happen, both of these women were bigger girls. So, after class, these two, who had been singled out, were told that Zumba is fun and all, but if they really want to lose the flab, they need to do * insert her other classes here *
I could not believe that. I've written before about my disgust for the Cult of Skinny mentality that my industry has. This, though, I am just genuinely dumbfounded. To put it bluntly, I can not believe someone would have the balls to say something like that to another person. My friend also shared with me that she had just celebrated a 94lb weight loss. How fantastic is that!?!? Only to be slapped in the face with a thoughtless comment.
Now, don't get me wrong....I am all for helping people and giving advice. Anyone who COMES TO ME and asks for advice, I will freely give it. I might even say to a class full of people "I also offer *whatever* class, if you are looking to firm up, or just want to try something new".  NEVER would I pull someone aside and tell them if they want to be skinny, they need to do XYZ.

My friend was fuming, and said she will never go back to this place for any class. I can't say I blame her.

Monday, March 4, 2013


"I wish the biggest thing in my life was worrying about zumba songs to add to my class"

Funny...I wish that was the biggest thing I had to worry about, too.
In fact, here's a current list of other things I don't have to worry about:

Getting my oldest out of high school
Getting him into college
Paying for college
My daughter dating a 19yr old
My daughter nearly getting arrested for starting a fire
My daughter's awful choice in friends
Homeschooling my daughter
Possibly homeschooling my youngest
Paying the mortgage
Keeping the lights/internet/gas on
Coming up with $3,000 to replace the garage doors and attic insulation
Upcoming summer with $600 plus a month electric bills
Running the household - alone
My friends
My running schedule - and fitting it in to everything else
Plantar faciitis
Not being "good enough"

Actually....I'm making a choice about that last one. I AM good enough. I am me. All my significant and igsignificant parts make me, me, and if that's  not "good enough", then move on.

Monday, February 11, 2013

My AFAA Experience

This weekend, I attended the AFAA Apex in Atlanta for Primary Group Fitness certification. I've got a lot of certifications under my belt, but it was time to be recognized by a world wide organization.

I waited a bit late to register...then, because I didn't check the boxes for all the extra stuff at registration, I didn't realize I would have to go looking to order the textbook (included with the "extra" stuff), so all I got was a blank study guide. I had 2 weeks to study, but nothing to actually study with, and getting the textbook to me in time would have been way more than I could have afforded at this time. So, I turned to my background and the Internet to help me. I found lots and lots of flash card sites that had the answers to the study guide, and I was able to find everything I needed that way. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD.

When I went in on Saturday, I was a complete ball of nerves. I knew for sure I was going to fail...at least the written. I was pretty confident with the practical, but my worry about the written was overshadowing it all.

I got there early, got signed in and found a spot to sit. As soon as everything got started, the instructor immediately put me at ease. She was funny and informative and really helped me to believe I could pass this thing.

So, when things finally got going, we quickly went over the cardio warm up, exercise, and cool down portion. She got us up on our feet and gave us some pointer and hints about what they were looking for. Reminding us that during the cool down, you don't just stop, you gradually slow down. I knew all this, but it was nice to have someone in front of us saying "yes, this is what you need to do"

Next we went over the strength portion. She told us what the order was, and gave us several ideas for each one. We had to do exercises plus a stretch. Again, she made sure we knew what we were going to do for each section well before the actual exam.
After lunch, we went over it again, then went through the study guide and she told us everything that would be on the test. Again, you need to study beforehand. Don't go in there without looking at any material and think that you will absorb it from this workshop. All this did, for me, was clarify some things I was fuzzy on.

Then it was time for the practical. For the warm up, I just did my warm up from my Zumba class. It consists of some step-touch, shoulder rolls, grapevines, torso rotations, and knee lifts. From there the 8 (I think) minute cardio portion. I did some ChaCha steps, V-steps, jump knee lifts, grapevines with jumps at the end, and just repeated it until the time was up. Cool down was just whatever I was doing and slowly bringing it down. Ex. jumping knee lifts, to just knee lifts, to march, to heel dip. Easy peasy. Then we brought out the mats and did the strength portion. Again, just remember what you went through during the workshop and do that. This isn't this time to try anything new, lol.
Next we were broken up into two groups, number 1-50 on one side of the room, and 51-88 on the other. Number 1 and 51 went at the same time, then 2 and 52, etc etc. I was number 54. I was glad I was able to go near the front of the group.
I did planks. I kept it super simple. Beginner was hands and knees, intermediate was hands and feet, and advanced was elbows and feet. I recommend keeping it simple like that. Some people tried to go WAY advanced. Most people who chose planks started right off with elbows and feet, then went to arms and legs extended for their advance. I just think beginner should really be beginner. I don't need to show off to a room full of instructors about what I can do. This is supposed to be how I would teach a class full of people who may be just starting their fitness journey. So, there ya go. I would advice knowing what you are going to do before you get to the workshop. Practice it. Ask yourself "could your gramma do this beginner?" If not, scale it back some.

When we finished that, it went to the written. I would highly suggest bringing a clipboard. We sat on the floor and took the test, had an hour to finish, afterwards, my back and neck we killing me from being hunched over.  The test wasn't a cake walk, but if you can use process of elimination you can do well. It's multiple choice, so often you can immediately eliminate two choices, then figure it out from there. I finished the test in 40 minutes and I feel confident that I passed. There were a few things I wasn't sure about, but, for the most part, I knew the answers. Going over the study guide with the instructor helped.

Now, it's a waiting game. It can take 3-6 weeks to get the results

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One step forward....

Two steps back?

The Zumba class I auditioned for, never heard back. After a fantastic meeting for FITTBarre....they stopped returning my emails. I have no idea what happen, but I'm packing up and moving on. There loss, right.
In the meantime, I've sent out my resume to several local gyms. One place even forwarded it to a friend who owned a different franchise. Something will give.
I'm signed up for the AFAA Primary Group Fitness Certification in, I think, 2 weeks. I'm completely freaking myself out over it. First, I waited to sigh up, so I'm just getting my study material now. Second, apparently the REQUIRED textbook isn't part of the fee, and they don't really make that clear when you are signing up until you get your material and all you have is a date to show up for testing and a study guide you are supposed to fill in from the textbook (that you never got). And now to get the textbook, I have to go back in, pay another $70 plus shipping and still probably not get it here in time for me to actually read it. So, I guess I'll be winging it. Worst case scenario, I fail and have to retake it. I'm pretty sure I'll rock the practical, and the written is multiple choice. Ten years has to have taught me something, right.
While waiting for a gym to see my greatness and hire me, I've been doing drop ins everywhere. One little studio does $5 classes, so I stop in there a couple times a week and shake my groove thing. There was a gym I did the whole 3 day trial thing with. I told them up front I did not want to get locked into a year contract because I was hoping to get hired as an instructor soon, so I just wanted to use what I could. They ended up texting me and inviting me to another class after the 3 day period. So, yesterday I tried Flirty Girl for the first time. Wow! It's different. I liked it.

Oh! And allow me to be ridiculously giddy for a minute...I'm going back to San Fran!! Whoo! That picture....up there ^^^ was taken the day after my birthday last year during the best 10K I've run in my life. I'm going back this April. I'm so excited. I simply love the west coast. I'm a southern girl through and through, but something about the west just draws me to it.

2013, I think I'll keep you

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh hi...

How's it going? How's the family? How's things?

I've been busy settling in to 2013. 2 weeks in and I feel like it should be Feb already. Whew.
My running has been slower than I would like, but I've been hitting a bit of a black. I make myself use the treadmill just so I can log some kind of mileage. It's starting to wake up these legs. I will get there. Meanwhile, I'm also working on getting my FITTBarre class together. I had a meeting last week with the owner at a dance studio. She LOVES the idea. We're planning a launch, soon.
I went from subbing Zumba classes every week, to not teaching at all. I was feeling like I needed to get back into some one's class, when a friend of mine sent me a message asking if I wanted to join her. I said sure and took off to meet her. Not only was it great to see my friend again, it was fun to get back out there and dance.
I auditioned for a class of my own, and now I'm waiting. If it doesn't work out, something will.

My oldest son just turned 18, and I'm still figuring out what that means for both of us. I've spent 18yrs being his mom, and I'm not sure how to parent this new man. I'm so very lucky that he is a fantastic, mature, kid. He's certainly way more mature than I ever was at his age. Ha! I thought I had it all figured out. I'm sure he thinks he has it all figured out, too. I think he does. Funny how he will one day look back and think how wrong he was. He's been accepted to Western Carolina in the fall, and I couldn't be prouder of him. I also don't know what I'm going to do without him.

 January has been a whirlwind so far, and I'm enjoying the ride. I still firmly believe that 2013 will be my year.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


I've made a decision, now I'm putting it out into the Universe.

I will run 500 miles
And I will run 500 more
Just to be the gal who runs 1000 miles
in 2013...

It will happen.
If you break it down, it averages 20 miles a week. I've done that before during half training. Maybe 5/10/5 is a bit much...RIGHT NOW, but while I'm building to that I can easily pull off 5miles 4 days a week.
I'd like to do some kind of race, even if it's just a local 5k, once a month. That should keep me motivated through the cold weather, and Atlanta summers.