Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where have I been?

So much has happen in my life since last time I posted. Where do I even begin??

Maybe I'll start at March/April, when I had an interview with a National chain gym and got hired on the spot, and 2 days later my husband lost his job...
It's been months since this happen, and I have to say...still pretty angry about it. Mostly because of how it happen, and the fake friendships that came to light after the fact. Some people are just spineless.

But we soilder on, right.
We wet on our trip to San Francisco and I ran across my bridge again. I also managed to lose my ID in the process. The day before were were to fly home. Luckily, I had a passport card in my wallet, tucked safely away at the hotel, so they let me on the plane.
Right after that, my husband accepted a new job and was off on a new adventure. Across the country.
It's been a long Spring/Summer. He got to come home 5 weeks later to watch our son graduate high school, then he was off again for another 12 weeks. He came home the weekend we took our son to college, then off again. I went to visit him two weeks later, and now we are on the wait for Thanksgiving when he'll get to come home again (maybe). I have plans to go back out in Jan to run a race.

Meanwhile, I'm working away. I have 4 regular classes every week, but it's a rare week that I only teach 4 classes. I've become the go-to sub and have worked hard to build up my reputation. Last week, I taught 9 classes. This week, it's 6. In an 11 day period, I will have logged 15 classes.

My life seems to be lacking running lately, but I will get back on track. Fall is in the air and I have a few races on deck. Time to get back to it

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