Monday, March 4, 2013


"I wish the biggest thing in my life was worrying about zumba songs to add to my class"

Funny...I wish that was the biggest thing I had to worry about, too.
In fact, here's a current list of other things I don't have to worry about:

Getting my oldest out of high school
Getting him into college
Paying for college
My daughter dating a 19yr old
My daughter nearly getting arrested for starting a fire
My daughter's awful choice in friends
Homeschooling my daughter
Possibly homeschooling my youngest
Paying the mortgage
Keeping the lights/internet/gas on
Coming up with $3,000 to replace the garage doors and attic insulation
Upcoming summer with $600 plus a month electric bills
Running the household - alone
My friends
My running schedule - and fitting it in to everything else
Plantar faciitis
Not being "good enough"

Actually....I'm making a choice about that last one. I AM good enough. I am me. All my significant and igsignificant parts make me, me, and if that's  not "good enough", then move on.

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