Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rock n' Roll Here I Come!

But first....

Oct 21st I'll be running in the Aids Walk Atlanta and 5k
This is one that's important to me.

Oct 27th I'll be doing the Monster Dash 10k

Then....the big one. Rock n Roll Savannah Half.
Ummm....way too much stuff has happen and I really haven't been training like I need to.
I ran a 5 miler a few weeks ago and got through legs were killing me after, but that's when I was still in the Newtons.
My plan of attack is to get a 10 mile run in next week. Day of the race, I'll take it 5k at a time. Run 5k, walk 1 mile. The trick will be stopping to walk before I'm spent. I could easily run up to 6 miles without needing to stop....but I'd be hurting at the finish line. I'd like to finish strong...not hobbling.

Sometimes the hardest thing is slowing down

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