Monday, October 22, 2012

Aids Atlanta Walk and 5K

Yesterday I logged another 5k. This one was for Aids Atlanta.

It was a great day for a run. Fall in Atlanta can be anywhere from 50's and rain to 80's and blistering sun. Yesterday was in the 70's, low humidity, and sunny.
It was an afternoon race, which is different for me. I was able to sleep until a decent time, get up and have a couple cups of coffee, a banana, then make my way to the MARTA station.
Hopped on the train and headed to the Midtown station. It was about a mile walk from there to the park. Nice warm up. Check in, get bib, bathroom and we were ready to go.

It started off uphill...always nice, lol. There was plenty of support and cheers along the route, which was great. Right after the 2 mile mark came THE HILL. It was ROUGH...and never ending. Around a corner where I thought for sure it would level out, but nope, only about half was up. Once at the stop, there was another group cheering us on.
At the top, we went down hill for a bit then back into the park for the final push, That part of the route was absolutely packed with people clapping and cheering.
I saw the finish line and sprinted to the end, coming in at 45 and some change. Not great, but on par with what I expected.

I caught up with the other two runners in my group and we got our tshirts then went to find the walkers in our group. While they did their walk, we grabbed a bite to eat at Park Tavern.

After, we went to find the walkers and started making our way back to the MARTA station.
Short ride to my car and back home.
Long day, but a lot of fun.

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