Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Stepping

I had no idea just how much taking two weeks off from running would effect me. Of course, there is also the thick Atlanta humidity to take into consideration, but still....

Monday, I was excited to get back out on the road. I planned 5 miles. I set out and almost immediately, my body reminded me why I had taken a break. The area behind my left knee (which never bothered me before the half marathon) started to make itself known. I decided to just keep going. I can't stop for every ache and pain, I'd never get out of bed. I kept going, and everything was fine...not great, but, fine, up until around 2 1/2 miles. I managed to get to 3 miles before feeling like I really needed to just call it a day. I was disappointed with only 3 miles, so I walked a little, hoping to get a second wind. It didn't happen, but I did manage to walk/run another mile to bring me to 4miles for the day.

I came home and worked on new routines for my class later that night. It was good to feel some accomplishment.
Class was good. I added 3 new songs. They were good and challenging. Especially the squat track. Because I still believe that Jordan Catalano was singing "Red" to me, I used 30 Seconds to Mars - "Closer to the Edge" for the new squat track. It's hard, but I love it.
My knees weren't happy with me after that one, and I expected to be sore on Tuesday, but I must be doing something right because, I wasn't.

Tuesday is rest day, and even though I was itching to do something, I made myself hang out and lay low.

Today I had originally planned 10miles. My head was against me. Kept telling me that Monday sucked, today would suck too. And it was going to rain, so why bother. I hate my head sometimes.
I forced myself to put on my running gear. I set my Garmin for intervals. 90 mins. Whatever happened, happened.
Halfway through the intervals, it started raining. Barely. I might have noticed it more if I was standing still. I was at the park a mile from the house. I contemplated turning around and cutting the run short. What if it started pouring and here I was a mile from home? Well, I guess I'd run home in the rain, huh?
I decided to do the mile loop around the park. Not even halfway around, I decided to keep going and make it the mile and a half loop instead. Back to the start and heading the mile home. I zig zagged it a little to get some more mileage. The rain picked up some by this point, but still not enough to notice. Certainly not enough to wash the humidity blanket out of my path.
Almost home and I detoured around the 0.6mile loop around the small park across the street from my neighborhood.
I was at the last run cycle of my intervals when I got back to my house. I ran past to the end of the block and then walked it back to the house.
Just as I walked in the door, it started pouring.

The intervals definitely made this run better. I managed 5.31miles. Better than Monday, mentally and physically, if not time wise. Actually, I have no idea how my average pace compares. I wasn't out there today to break any records. I just wanted to get the miles in and get back on track.

I am going to give myself 2 weeks to get back to where I was. I hope to be back on a 5/10/5 running schedule for the week.

Races on deck:
May 28th - Memorial day 5k
June 2nd - Buford 10k (maybe)
July 4th - Peachtree Road Race (10k)
Oct 7th - Half Marathon

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