Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March 8, 2012

Is it, maybe, time for my monthly update?
So, Feb….for being the shortest month of the year, I certainly packed it full of stuff.
Here’s my typical schedule:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday (and recently starting adding Saturdays)
Teach at the studio-
Try to get to another class at the studio-
Umm, whenever I get a chance?? sometimes I would stay after my class on Mondays and take the Zumba class afterwards. Tuesday is a total rest day, and I take full advantage of it.
So, lets run through my week…..Monday, get up and go run. Teach a weight class in the evening, and then sometimes stay for a Zumba class. Tuesday..sit on the couch and catch up on my DVR, and throw some laundry in the wash. Maybe sweep the floors. Weds, get up and run. Sometimes take a ballroom dance class in the evening (but I’m taking 6 weeks off because of a schedule conflict). Thursday, get in an active recovery walk, teach a weight class in the evening. Friday, get up and run . Saturday, get up and run….then cater to the demands of a house full of people (I am a wife and mom, after all). Sunday, do as little as possible.
Are you tired? Cause I’m just catching my second wind.
So, how it is all going? Surprisingly well, actually. I was worried about how it would all fall into place, but it is. I’m putting more responsibility on my kids on my teaching days. they are old enough (17, 15, 12). I put them in charge of dinner (I make sure there are leftovers on those days) and cleaning up the kitchen while I’m gone.
My body is adapting quickly to the extra strain. My weight class is improving my running and my running is improving my weight class (really, you should see my squat. Even when I was teaching full time, I didn’t have that good of a squat)
So, running….I’ll be honest, I had a couple of mentally tough weeks. I know it was in my head. I think it was finding the balance. I’m getting over my mental humps and I’m having way more good run days than bad. I’m pushing myself, working my route so that I’m running uphills that I would normally try to avoid.
Yesterday, I was so into my pace that I misjudged where I was in relation to how much time I had left in my workout and ended up “finishing” a mile from my house. So, I just jogged it home.
Pushing the distance is bringing up an old knee ache. At the beginning of the year, I started having a knee twinge that would start up at around 3 miles and prevented me from running past 4. I just had to push past it and eventually, it stopped. yesterday when I got to 6miles, the pain came back. I ran through it, which might not have been the best idea. I finished up at 6.62 miles, came home and iced it, but it still bugged me all day. I’m icing it again today. I’m hoping it will be like before and I just keep plugging away and eventually it will go away.
A couple of things on the horizon… On March 24th, there is a 5K at the local elementary school. The school is about 2 miles from my house, and along my normal running route. I plan to get up a little earlier and run to the school, do the 5K, then run home. I wont be “racing”, just using it as a fun training run.
In April, right before my half, I’m taking a trip to San Francisco for my birthday. The weekend we are there, there’s a 10K going on. I’m throwing around the idea of doing that, too. Again, not as a race, but a really cool training run. It’s not every day I get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge.
The half is just a little more than 6 weeks away. I’m still not sure how I’m gonna get there, but I’m trusting the process. I will finish!

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