Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One step forward....

Two steps back?

The Zumba class I auditioned for, never heard back. After a fantastic meeting for FITTBarre....they stopped returning my emails. I have no idea what happen, but I'm packing up and moving on. There loss, right.
In the meantime, I've sent out my resume to several local gyms. One place even forwarded it to a friend who owned a different franchise. Something will give.
I'm signed up for the AFAA Primary Group Fitness Certification in, I think, 2 weeks. I'm completely freaking myself out over it. First, I waited to sigh up, so I'm just getting my study material now. Second, apparently the REQUIRED textbook isn't part of the fee, and they don't really make that clear when you are signing up until you get your material and all you have is a date to show up for testing and a study guide you are supposed to fill in from the textbook (that you never got). And now to get the textbook, I have to go back in, pay another $70 plus shipping and still probably not get it here in time for me to actually read it. So, I guess I'll be winging it. Worst case scenario, I fail and have to retake it. I'm pretty sure I'll rock the practical, and the written is multiple choice. Ten years has to have taught me something, right.
While waiting for a gym to see my greatness and hire me, I've been doing drop ins everywhere. One little studio does $5 classes, so I stop in there a couple times a week and shake my groove thing. There was a gym I did the whole 3 day trial thing with. I told them up front I did not want to get locked into a year contract because I was hoping to get hired as an instructor soon, so I just wanted to use what I could. They ended up texting me and inviting me to another class after the 3 day period. So, yesterday I tried Flirty Girl for the first time. Wow! It's different. I liked it.

Oh! And allow me to be ridiculously giddy for a minute...I'm going back to San Fran!! Whoo! That picture....up there ^^^ was taken the day after my birthday last year during the best 10K I've run in my life. I'm going back this April. I'm so excited. I simply love the west coast. I'm a southern girl through and through, but something about the west just draws me to it.

2013, I think I'll keep you

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