Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All's well

REALLY well. Things are just falling into place and though I'm busier than I've been in years, I am so, so happy.

I took a sub job a few weeks ago. It was a bit of trial by fire, if you will. I was teaching for a group of non-English speakers...and I only speak English. But, music is universal, and it forced me to be better. I taught 3 days that week, then was asked back for 3 days the following week. Three days a a lot, ya'll, lol.
On top of that, I was asked to be a presenter at a Zumba Club event.
Then this week, I did some more sub work, again with non-English speakers. After yesterday's class it was said "Good class, good dancing, good instructor, very good". After months of back-handed compliments and passive-aggressive digs, it was really nice to hear.

I have a few things in the works for after Thanksgiving. I get to relax and enjoy my family for a couple of days before diving back in.

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