Monday, August 13, 2012

Where did July go?

So, officially I didn't get fired. Unofficially...might as well have been.

We had our July event. I threw something together that was completely out of my comfort zone, and it was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. And I do, because I deserve the praise. I was told during this time that I would be very happy with the outcome of the following week's meeting based on how well I did during the event.

So, fast forward to the next week. I go to my meeting and get told that I was being taken off the schedule for August. I could figure out what I wanted to go and possibly come back in Sept.  I was scheduled to get Zumba© licensed the next week...I could come back as a Zumba© instructor, or learn the new way they had decided to teach my weight class.
MY weight class. The one I brought to the studio, and developed. No longer mine. No longer taught the way I set it up.
Ok, I was determined to be all Zen and whatever happens happens about the whole thing. I had a lot o stuff going on or me, so just go with the flow.

The next week I went back to my ballroom performance class. That made me happy, since I had missed the last performance to do this studio event. The very next day, I got up and went into  the city and spent 10hrs getting Zumba© licensed. When I got home, I had to pack. I had a 6am flight to Las Vegas the next morning. I managed to sleep for a couple hours, but was up by 2am to head to the airport. We flew ALL DAY.  Finally made it to Vegas around 9am local time. We then crashed. When we woke up, it felt like I had been eating sand in my sleep. Welcome to the desert.
We were in Vegas from Friday thru Tuesday. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (or lives forever on Facebook)
Tuesday was another day of flying. I was exhausted when we got home. Weds morning, real life started back up. I was back in my ballroom class that night. Barely enough time to stop and take a breath. The rest of the week consisted of back to school orientations and school shopping.

That Friday, we had another studio event along with a staff meeting. It became painfully obvious how unwanted I am there after that staff meeting. Two instructors were auditioned that night. Then we talked about upcoming events.The studio is bringing in a children's dance program. Ballet and jazz to start. That program is getting my old time slot. The prime slot after that is taken by other instructors. There's just no room for me there.
We're also being asked to "chip in" for various advertising expenses. Expensive advertising expenses. And, if we don't sell at least 10 tickets to the next studio event, the difference will be taken from our pay. Say what?? We're all independent contractors, so I'm thinking maybe the labor laws aren't the same as if we were just employees. Either way, I don't really feel like sticking around for this one.

So, am I fired...or just being pushed out? In the end, does it matter?

Meanwhile, I'm trying to set up some other options. I have bills to pay, I can't sit here waiting for something to happen.

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